Total digital signage solution

twenty4media provides a seamless digital signage solution. Contact us for assistance.

Managed Technology

 We totally manage all software and hardware to deliver 24/7 services.

Our solutions allow for scalability, managed content distribution, and customisation.

Our know-how includes satellite multi-cast, ADSL and wifi solutions, mobile integration, live data feeds, flash and component integration to displays.


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Solutions & Innovation

Our systems and skillsets are flexible and are creating new solutions and innovations across digital and mobile platforms.

Advertising that works

Advertising that achieves high frequency and recall rates you get your audience attention.


Target an Affluent Audience

Achieve cut-through to the Airline Lounge Audience of affluent travellers and business decision-makers.


Total solution

Scalable real-time network delivery. Template and customisable content. Managed solution.


News, weather, markets, sport

Photo stories sourced from the world's finest imagery. Up to date weather and forecasts. Live news and financial updates.